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We are a content and creative agency with an eye on innovation. We create. We Innovate. We Slay.

It’s really quite simple. We created Slay because we believe there is a simpler, better, more efficient and cost-effective way to support companies with their content, communication and brand innovation demands. How? By custom tailoring the perfect team based on your individual product needs. Our (not so) secret sauce is that we cut through the white noise of the agency world and provide our clients a world class experience without all the unnecessary fanfare while guaranteeing delivery, on time and on budget

TheTheTheThe Team

Shirin Etessam
Founding Partner

Shirin is an entrepreneur, seasoned media executive, and transformational speaker. She have produced films, original television series and specials, created several companies, and led campaigns for some of the world's most recognized companies (ABC, CBS, Discovery, BBC, Facebook, Apple, Intel, Virgin and many more). In 2017, she founded Slay Agency, a content and creative agency based in San Francisco, CA with a client base that spans from the tech industry (biotech, fintech, SaaS, security, and more) to the food, beverage and wine industries.

Tracey Mason
Managing Partner

Tracey is a visionary and strategic leader known for breaking conventional boundaries across myriad industries (spirits, wine, beer, cannabis, tech, CPG), organizations, channels and categories. Her formal introduction to consumer-driven marketing, innovation and business leadership began at Diageo and she’s been devoted to driving growth through creative brand marketing, storytelling and innovation ever since. Tracey joined SLAY as Managing Partner in late 2023 with a mission to leverage her unparalleled experience to make creative content development and brand innovation accessible to all clients, from fortune 100 to start-ups.

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